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March 2021

No matter the time of year, visibility of your signage to the public is of the utmost importance. Creating a sign that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing can be hard, but with our help @ Clifford Signs we will do what we can to make sure your business has the most visibility possible without losing the focus of your main goal, YOUR BRAND.

When choosing graphics for your new signage, logo or brand, the style of lettering is important to think about early on in the process. Although designers and many people will say the best font for signage is subjective to each person, we can all agree that there are many type styles that are used more frequently and have better legibility when viewed at a distance.

  • FAVORABLE Fonts: Helvetica, Futura, Bebas, Avenir, Proxima Nova
  • UNFAVORABLE Fonts: Papyrus, Comic Sans, Any Script

The letter Visibility Chart
These calculations are based on an externally (or naturally) lit sign with all uppercase Helvetica letters utilizing optimal negative space. Factors that may affect required letter size are: color scheme, font selection, traffic and weather conditions, or sign standoff. This chart is provided by Gemini Incorporated and can be found here. To learn more about the study from USSCF, click here.

The impact of color and illumination can play a major role in the legibility of your signage as well. When choosing your color scheme for your sign, take note that in order for this sign to be most effective, the sign must be detectable and readable. Being readable is the key term to allow your customers and visitors to easily see where they need to go, so keep the font style within the non-complex styles offered and choose contrasting colors that won’t strain the eye day or night.

Clifford Signs is here to help you through the process of choosing the best signage for your location by working with the local city ordinances on the style of signs and the sizes that are required within your area. We will assist and consult on the best practices to get you the most VISIBLE!

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