[ Graphic FAQ’s and what you need to know? ]

September 2021

Clifford Signs is dedicated to being your one stop shop for all your signage and graphic needs. We enjoy working directly with you on the design you want to ensure you are the most visible. The key to graphic design on signage and wraps is to make sure your target audience notices you and understands what you do/offer within just a few seconds. Below you will see a list of graphic files the industry normally works with and FAQ’s about the graphics process.

What is the difference between raster and vector graphics?

Raster files consist of small dots called pixels. The pixels on a raster file are formed by a grid and all together, they form the image that is seen. Pictures are normally a raster file. With raster files, the resolution which is the number of dots per inch has a direct effect on how the image will be displayed. Resolution is referred to as dots per in or DPI. The recommended resolution size for raster files for print is a minimum of 300dpi (300 dots per inch).

Vector files are created using lines and curves using nodes. This allows the graphic to be scaled to ANY size without any distortion to the graphic. Many people will call a vector file a working file or a scalable file. These are all good files. Please remember, that if a vector file is already converted to a flattened raster image like a .jpg or .png, we are unable to use it as a vector anymore without the original file. Below we show you the files types we provide to you with a graphics package, and it is always a good idea to keep these!

Can you recreate my logo? 

Yes! Pricing depends on the complexity of your logo.

Can you create college logos and copyrighted logos? 

No. These logos are copyrighted and there are special requirements needed in order to print and sell these items.

What is a compressed zipped folder and how do I see what’s inside?

A compressed folder is a folder that contains many different files and is able to be emailed easily.  Many compressed folders are a smaller size to allow them to be emailed.  If the file is too large to email there are other options to provide your graphic files to you.  This would be on a case by case basis.  To retrieve your files below are the steps:

**It is a compressed zipped folder: need to download the folder and save in a safe place.  Right click  –   Extract All –  Extract.  This will open the folder and you will see the 6 types of files I have sent.


What are the best formats for large format printing?

We prefer to work with vector format files. Especially when working with a logo. These files have the capability to enlarge with little to no distortion to the clarity of the artwork. Vector files are illustrations and are creating using line and nodes instead of
Vector Formats: Below these can be used for shirts, large format printing, vehicles/vinyl, banners – can be scaled to any size and will not distort, line artwork – **NOTE: you will not be able to open the .ai or the .eps files but these are important for marketing items.

  • .ai | Adobe Illustrator Format:
  • .eps | Encapsulated PostScript Format
  • .pdf | Portable Document Format (Universal)

What files will I get when you create my logo?

Vector Formats: Below these can be used for shirts, large format printing, vehicles/vinyl, banners – can be scaled to any size and will not distort, line artwork – **NOTE: you will not be able to open the .ai or the .eps files but these are important for marketing items.

  • .ai | Adobe Illustrator Format:
  • .eps | Encapsulated PostScript Format
  • .pdf | Portable Document Format (Universal)

Raster Files: Below these images are flattened and cannot be edited. You will be able to open the .jpg and .png in your regular photo viewer. These you can use to create facebook, letterheads, powerpoint presentations, etc.

  • .jpg | Joint PhotoGraphic – white background
  • .tiff | Tagged Image File Format – white
  • background.png | Portable Network Graphics – clear background

Can you print pictures?

Yes! Our state of the art printing equipment allows us to print vibrant and clean photos as long as the photos are of high quality and resolution. Our graphics team reviews each image and will state if the image provided will work well for the product being ordered. If you ever have a question about an image, it never hurts to ask us and we will help you get the best quality possible.

What file type do I need?

There are many file types that are important for your business. The platform you want to use your graphic on will depend on the type of file you need. For instance, if you want to use your logo graphic for social media the format you would want is a lower resolution (not too low) jpg or png. If you are wanting to create a large format banner, say 4’ x 8’, a vector format like .ai, .eps or .pdf is recommended. If you want to create a letterhead, a raster format will be needed which would be a .jpg or .png file. The files that we provide in our graphic design will ensure you have all the types of formats needed to use on many different platforms. We also encourage you to keep a copy of this folder in a safe place to use for future reference and to send to other marketing companies that might help you with your business like a website or for apparel printing.

What is the difference between a wrap design and a logo design?

There are many differences between a wrap design and a logo design. Clifford Signs has many years of experience producing custom, vibrant and unique wrap and logo designs.
Let’s start with the Logo design.
Logo Design is your brand! Setting up a logo is your way of communicating to your target audience what you offer and how you want your business to look. There are many aspects to a logo design like color, shape, text, font, images or clipart. We offer this service to our customers by receiving their ideas and converting them into an illustration or logo. Your logo can then be transferred to your wrap design, social marketing, print marketing, and much more!
Wraps are a creative way to promote your brand (logo)! With over 20 years of experience in wrapping vehicles, we collaborate with you on how you want your brand to convert to the wrap, whether it is mobile or stationary. Most wraps start with your logo as the focal point with other graphic elements that compliment your logo and brand.

I don’t want a crazy design on my wrap, can you do something else?

Yes! The possibilities are endless with our graphics team! The saying goes, if you think it, we can do it! As mentioned before, we will work directly with you to create your perfect graphic. We will provide proofs that are required to be proofed prior to any product printing. This ensures we are giving you the best graphic for you.

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