Pat Patrick Clifford Founder & Owner I like to think we solve challenges that businesses have with conveying the correct and clear message. For 20 years, I have seen so many signs with layouts that does not convey the best message for that business. The message needs to be clear and simple. Fun Fact: With my name, I should probably think I'm Irish. I don't think that is the case. I think I am only 1/32. I started painting signs in high school without training. Graduated from Purdue with Business Management, transferred to Kokomo to manage a home improvement store till 2001, and been a self employed sign guy ever since. Amy Amy Wilson Chief of Operations I have been a full-time part of the Clifford Sign team since 2011. I have always been a part of the team working part time through college, where I got my degree in Interior Design Technology in 2009. I recently married my best friend, Brian Wilson II, in October 2017 and have been enjoying every part of married life with him! We both enjoy the outdoors and camping especially in the fall-winter time. Our goal is to winter camp in the snow! The Clifford Signs shop dog is Maycee and she is our baby. She has been a part of the family since 2009 and is always the greeter at the door. Fun Fact: The coldest it got while on a camping trip was 27 degrees and it was beautiful! Andrea Andrea Elkins Customer Service Representative I joined the family business in April of 2018. I handle the phones up front and deal with the majority of the business transactions. I collect the information needed as well to help you decide the best ways to get visible! Fun Fact: I can plug my nose with my top lip! I am married to my husband James and we have two boys. Their names are Nolan and Ryan. I love to go camping and spending time with my family and friends! Andrew Andrew Bergin Service Technician I have been in the sign business since 2012. I greatly enjoy working with customers as well as our team here at Clifford Signs. Every day we make our customers dreams, reality. I love to manufacture signs as well as servicing and installing them. Fun Fact: I love going to Wrigley Field to watch the Cubs play with my wife every year. I am married to my wife Kristi Bergin and we have a dog named Molly. James James Elkins Operations Manager I have been with Clifford Signs for 7 years. In production we create signs, get vehicle wraps ready, and prepare any projects before they are installed. Fun Fact: I love going around town saying "I made that sign!" I am married to my wife Andrea and we have two boys. Their names are Nolan and Ryan. I love to play golf and spending time with my family and friends. Jessica Jessica Gates Printer / Graphic & Web Designer I am a 24 year old dog mom. She's a crazy 12 pound Maltese-Shihtzu mix. I have a Bachelors Degree from Indiana University of Kokomo in both Graphic and Web Design, while minoring in business. I started working for Clifford Signs in July of 2017. I work on designs, our website, social media, setting up prints, printing signs and wraps, and jump into production every now and then. Fun Fact: If you see me on the road, I am usually having a karaoke session in my car.