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Patrick Clifford started this business with a passion for signs. During his high school years, he was a self taught sign painter. He went to college, got a degree in business and operated a home improvement store in Kokomo, IN. In 1997, things began to change, he received his calling to get back into the sign business. Since the technology has enhanced, he really knew it was time to get back into the game. He bought some equipment and started his sign shop in the basement of the home. He kept his daytime time job with running the home improvement store. October 2, 2001, Tuesday, 11 AM, Furrow closed the doors. This was the beginning of un-employment and the first day of self-employment. The sign business is now on a roll for full time employment. Slowly.

We hired our first part time employee in 2004 while still in our basement. In August of 2005, we moved into our first official store front. 1700 West Boulevard. We moved from 350 square feet to 1,200 square feet. We purchased a bucket truck in 2007 to incorporate other signs to our portfolio. January of 2008, Clifford Signs purchased our first used ‘converted’ large format printer. During the meantime, employees were hired to man the shop.

Then in October of 2009, we moved to 3029 West Jefferson. This location allowed us to bring vehicles inside the bay to apply graphics all year around. Purchasing another large format printer, we were then able to create custom vehicle wraps for our customers. During that time we hired our daughter, Amy Clifford, to do graphics and manage the shop while Pat was out doing calls.

In December 2011 we moved for the last time to our current location at 1115 E. Markland Ave. We needed a bigger bay to do larger vehicles as well as a place to store our bucket truck. Six months at this location, we had to retire our converted printers and went with a top of the line large format graphic printer. The opportunities brought on with the new printer, we hired our son-in-law, James Elkins to oversee the productions in the shop. Currently we have up to 7 employees working various aspects in our company. We now consult on a variety of signs with ‘endless opportunities’ to make your business visible.